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You can take our word for it. But you don’t have to.

Here is what people have been saying:

“The tables can be easily raised and lowered, giving patients the room they need and caregivers the flexibility to provide better care.”

“We immediately saw the quality and value. We now order all our tables from Space Tables.”

“You know you have a great table when, after seven years, the residents still ask ‘Are the tables new?”

“I could spend half as much on another table, but would have to buy it four times as often.”

“We specify Space Tables for our dining and activity areas because it gives our patients the flexibility they need to enjoy their experience at our centers and then it also allows our partners to do a better job caregiving as they are able to meet the patients’ needs. This is achieved because the table can be easily raised and lowered as needed and then also can be moved out of the way to give the room a different use if needed. There are also many finishes available to fit into the décor of our centers.”

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